Your Happy Jar helps you remember your happy moments and share them with friends.

  1. Save a happy moment from every day into your happy jar!
  2. Read through them at the end of each year (or whenever)...
  3. Connect with friends to share your happy moments :)

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Random happy moment

Wed, 10 January, 2018

Staying back in college with Bhumika, Raunak, Divya and Megha watching people perform and then studying music theory. Reuben and I spoke for a few minutes and we hugged after forever. It was lovely.


Even on the darkest of days, there will be a moment worth saving.

A moment of kindness from a stranger.

Arriving home.

The smell of fresh rain, or freshly cut grass.

A smile from your child or a sip of your favourite drink after a long day.

Save it. Add it to your jar, and keep it forever.